Limited Edition gallery grade prints.

In addition to commisioned work, I also produce a number of limited edition prints. I do need to point out however, that I define the term 'Limited Edition' somewhat differently from many other photographers and artists.

Many define the term 'Edition' or 'Limited Edition' to mean a series of prints on a particular medium and at a specific size. In the past this has made perfect sense, as historically prints were inked impressions from a metal plate or wood block. When the term 'Edition' was extended to photographic prints, maintaining this definition was done partly because it was easier and cheaper to produce longer print runs in the darkroom, but also to maintain continuity with the past and harmony with others involved in fine art reproduction. The Practical upshot of this however, is that when you buy a limited edition print that is numbered, let's say 11/50, then it is likely that it will be print eleven of fifty at that particular size and on that particular media. There could and almost certainly will be other prints of the same image, also numbered 11/50, but at a different size and/or printed on a different media. There may well also possibly be monochrome and colour versions as well.

In the age of digital imaging, I find the previous definition of these terms unsatisfactory; partly because they can be misleading, but mainly because of the limitations they cause. I therefore define 'Limited Edition' as a print of one particular image, which can be either Monochrome or Colour, reproduced at any size and on any media.

Ordering Prints.

Prints may be requested at any size, dependant on media, the two main types being Giclee and digital C-type. A monochrome print of a full colour image may be requested, but I reserve the right to decline such requests on an image by image basis.


The price of any Limited Edition print will vary, dependant on the subject of the image. Other factors will be the production and post production costs, reproduction costs and to some extent, the images popularity. Unlike many other photographers, I do not charge substantially more, the larger a print is. Generally speaking, the size of the print impacts the price, only insofar as reproduction costs are slightly higher.