C'est Moi

I began my career as a photographers assistant, at a commercial photographers in Southampton in the 1970's. I haven't mentioned the name of the photographer I worked for, because he was an unspeakable git and doesn't deserve the recognition.


Much more important to me was the training and mentoring I received from Dennis Turner of Atherley Studios, and his good friend Donald S. Herbert, who in his hey-day was a ground breaking portrait photographer.


After going freelance in 1982, I migrated into television, working for a variety of production companies and broadcasters both in the UK and abroad.


In 2000 I moved to France and took two years to renovate an old Breton seed grain repository turning it into a studio and a home. I worked out this studio for the next few years, whilst continuing to work on the building.


A climbing accident brought this sojourn to an abrupt end, after which I returned to the UK. I still have the studio in France, although it is currently closed, but I do hope one day to re-open it, as it is such a lovely place to work.


Now based in Glasgow and after a great deal of rehabilitation, I am setting out to re-establish myself in a new practice here.